Tuesday, 12 February 2013

But then again God works in mysterious ways...

Hello everyone,
Well, wasn't yesterday historic, what with the Pope choosing to retire? He reckoned that he was too weak to go on working and yet he gave the speech about his retirement in Latin! He sure has high standards for competency, something which seems an interesting line to take in view of the fact that others have remained Pope when in prison or exile, etc., etc. However, what it brings home is an intriguing issue I have been talking about for a while and which has been transformed perhaps by developments in modern technology and society. For a long time ordinary people have been taking for granted the notion of a retirement in old age, something which sits oddly with institutions such as monarchy or bishoprics which traditionally are held until death and are seen as coming to one from divine grant. This in turn enmeshes with medical advances which make it possible for infirm people to live much longer than they would have formerly. It remains uncertain how our conception of such offices will work in future. It seems most odd to imagine that there might be two or even three consecrated popes at a given time...But then again God works in mysterious ways...


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