Monday, 4 November 2013

Hello again...and the world hasn't got any more logical (Q & A)

Last night we were treated to yet another Q & A in which old left wingers prove how out of touch they are with reality and younger left wingers demonstrate the utter vacuity of their ideas--meanwhile a lone Conservative gets pecked to death as though they were a particular disliked chick amidst a flock of particularly vicious chickens. Germaine Greer tried to say that the inefficiency of the aged care sector and the unpleasant experiences women have in hospital giving birth are evidence of continuing sexism (together very weirdly with mention of death during childbirth--when maternal death rates in the contemporary West are the lowest they have ever been in any place ever--and medical misconduct and negligence killing off lots of people who aren't women, like children or old men, has received enough coverage for most of us to have heard about it). Meanwhile Dan Savage tried to tell us that irresponsible behaviour such as illegal drug use which shortens your life, ruins your health or drives you mad doesn't impact negatively on others--there's a man who needs to have a conversation with a paramedic!

The world is a pretty nasty place--the reason I haven't been here for a while is that the inefficiencies of the medical system damn near killed me, very grateful to be back incidentally--but self-righteous muddle-headedness about the real problems to be facing the human race, and they are many, can only make things worse. Take it from an expert, my friends, whining never did anyone any good! I prescribe a double dose of Russian novels and Greek philosophy...


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